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Not only am I sleeping better, but my overall stress levels are low. I am finding it easier to “go with the flow” and relax, even when circumstances are more tense and demanding.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Blend
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70% of Americans are sleep deprived.

Effecting mood, memory, hand-eye coordination, alertness, and reaction time; sleep deprivation can happen to anyone.
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All Natural Ingredients

ingredient Full Spectrum Hemp
ingredient Omega-3 DHA
ingredient L-Theanine
Vicious Cycle Of

Poor sleep leads to increased stress, which leads to the increase of hormones like cortisol, which further disrupt sleep quality. This compounded with blue light from cell phones and devices, and dependency on coffee and energy drinks continue to wreak havoc on your system.

High Stress - Can't Shut Off - Can't Fall Asleep - TV Phone Use (Blue Light) - Poor Performance

Sleep and Stress Remedy helps reduce stress levels, while promoting restful sleep, to break this vicious stress sleep cycle.

icon All Natural
icon 3-Night Sleep Guarantee
icon Non-Drowsy Formula
Omax Sleep & Stress Remedy
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Stay asleep longer
  • Awake refreshed
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